As a homeowner, you always want your guests to enjoy an incredible stay at your vacation rental. However, with so many guests arriving week in and week out, things sometimes do not go so smoothly. You can end up with complaints and, in the worst case scenario, also with a bad review. We have compiled the five most common guest complaints as well as tips about what you can do to proactively prevent them.

1. Damaged and old furniture

Travellers’ number one complaint concerns the quality of furniture and the associated lack of comfort. Outdated or damaged furnishings do not invite guests to spend time in their chosen vacation rental and will make them feel uncomfortable.

Tip: A regular check of the furniture in your vacation rental is a must. Due to their daily or outdoor use, it is particularly important to check amenities such as couches, mattresses and balcony furniture frequently and, if necessary, replace them. Investing in high-quality items that will last longer can also make sense, as they will definitely pay off in the long run.

2. Kitchen Equipment

Many people choose vacation rentals over hotels because they prefer a personal, individualized experience, which includes being able to prepare food themselves. So when the kitchen lacks basic utensils, they are often disappointed.

Tip: Provide important kitchen essentials such as pots and pans, tableware (e.g. cutlery, plates, glasses), cleaning supplies (e.g. dishwasher tabs, sponges, soap) as well as some basic spices and condiments (e.g. salt, pepper, vinegar, oil). It also helps to clearly communicate in advance what will be provided. There should be sufficient items for the number of guests that you allow. Also check that all of these products are in good condition.

3. Cleanliness

Travellers’ expectations nowadays are very high and they cannot fully recharge or relax if these are left unfulfilled.  Of all expectations, the most sensitive topic is probably the lack of cleanliness in a property. 

Tip: Entering a vacation home that immediately makes a clean and neat impression will make your guests feel appreciated. Take extra care of cleaning and sanitizing such rooms as the bedroom and bathroom. Another option might be to hire a professional cleaning agency to make sure your property shines for each new guest.

4. Technical Problems

Technical problems with Wi-Fi, TV or hot water can be really frustrating for travellers. Sometimes you notice them before your guests arrive and other times they occur during the stay. 

Tip: Regularly check if everything in your property is working properly. If you come across technical issues, solve them in time before your guests arrive. If this is not possible or if the problem appeared only during the stay, offer some sort of compensation like a food basket or a partial refund.

5. Mosquitos, ants and other bugs

Especially in the climate of southern countries, there is a good probability that you will have mosquitos, ants and other insects in or around your vacation rental.

Tip: Provide repellents and insecticide sprays. Furthermore, install mosquito nets in the window and door frames as well as above the beds. Also make sure to thoroughly clean the kitchen as soon as guests check out so that you do not attract bugs.