As a homeowner, it is critical to know the important travelling times and school holidays to get the most out of your pricing and to optimize your booking revenue. In this regard, Europeans’ holiday periods are particularly important. Whether relaxing on the Mediterranean beach, going on a hiking trip in the Alps or exploring a city during a weekend getaway: Europeans take the opportunity to travel within Europe because of the easy border crossings and the variety of destinations. According to one statistic, the travel behavior of EU citizens in 2016 alone amounts to an impressive 1.2 billion private, international trips.

It is therefore essential that you gather information about school holidays, public holidays and bank holidays, including the peak travel times of other countries. We have compiled the main holidays (both in summer and winter) for various European regions and organized them by their country of origin. With the help of this information, you will be able to refine your pricing, adapt the minimum length of stays, and adjust check-in and check-out days of your properties.

Would you like more information? On this website you will find all relevant school breaks and public holidays in Europe:


Most of the school breaks and other public holidays in Germany are determined by each region, which makes it difficult to provide a general statement about exact dates. You can find a detailed list of many public holidays and the exact dates of school breaks according to the individual federal states here:


In general: August is the absolute travel month of the French! In order to avoid an overlapping of all school breaks in France, the country has been divided into three « holiday zones ». Learn more here:

United Kingdom

The school holidays in England are also not determined on a national level, which is why the main holiday periods may differ slightly from our table. Furthermore, there are a few additional holidays, which are dependent on the region. For a detailed overview of school holidays in the UK, we recommend reading the following article:


All Spanish students can enjoy three months of summer holidays – what more could you wish for? In regard to other specific holidays, Spain has regional differences. You can find an overview here:


Autumn holidays are rather unusual in Italy and spring holidays only exist in some regions. Instead, school children enjoy a twelve-week summer break! You can find a list of the most important holidays: