We have summarized both major new trends among travellers as well as easy tips to accommodate them and keep ahead of the curve. Don’t worry, you don’t have to change your entire marketing strategy to keep attracting guests in 2019.

Integrate New Technologies!

Millennials, the generations born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s, dominate today’s travel market. Every day, millennials spend more money on travel than any other age group (in the US, they alone command $200 billion in spending power).

Their passion for travel is perhaps only matched by their interest in intelligent technologies! For them, Wi-Fi is an absolutely essential amenity and 86% of them would pay more to have smart technologies like Alexa or Sonos in their vacation rental.

The ultimate must-have in your vacation rental is therefore Wi-Fi. The access to a wireless, local network is often the decisive feature when weighing the pros and cons of an accommodation.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even provide your guests with a portable Wi-Fi device, which travellers can carry with them on hiking trips, city excursions and even to the beach. With this small investment, you are guaranteed to collect plus points!

Make Room for the Whole Family!

« Home is where the heart is, » is how the saying goes. Being on holiday, both young and elderly guests feel particularly at home in their accommodation when they can have the whole family around them. In many senses, they are searching for a home away from home.

Last year, there was a drastic 325% increase in travellers with children looking for vacation rentals. According to Forbes, multigenerational vacations will also increase. This poses a particular challenge for homeowners: many travellers expect their vacation rental to be tailored to the needs of different age groups.

Whether it is child safety features, toys, a playground in the garden, or age-appropriate stair railings and board games for the whole family – the possibilities are limitless! If you need more information about making your vacation rental child-friendly, find the basic points in this blog entry. Enjoy reading!

Prepare Your Property for Short Trips!

They only come for a weekend or drop by during a bank holiday – these are the weekend getaway enthusiasts! Short trips have been a growing travel trend for years now, and this most certainly will continue.

In addition to the hotel industry, the vacation rental industry can also benefit from this development. Booking.com predicts the experience-packed weekend will be hugely important in 2019, with 53% of global travelers already planning to do more of them in 2019.

So react timely and allow your guests to stay in your property for shorter periods and to check in and check out on flexible dates. Even if it means a small additional effort in administrative organisation, your guests will be grateful for your hospitality. Believe us, it will be worth it!

Also Welcome the Four-Legged Friends!

And last but not least, don’t forget the beloved, fluffy family members: pets! Most animal lovers do not want to miss their furry friends during their holidays and are looking for a vacation rental that is also thinking of their pet.

According to our data, « Pets allowed » is the second most important amenity among travellers throughout Italy and also in many regions of Spain. Second only to swimming pools! HomeAway has similarly reported that the ‘pet lover’ niche market will only continue to grow.

So consider allowing pets on your property. If you are open to letting pets stay at your accommodation, you can increase your visibility in search results and turn their owners into very happy guests!

These small changes will have a big impact on your bookings in 2019! We are looking forward to seeing what the year brings and, of course, we will be pleased to keep you up to date!