Winter can be a magical time. Cuddled up in blankets and warm clothes, we enjoy the few rays of sunshine and cheer ourselves up with the Christmas spirit, hot drinks and a cosy get-together with the whole family.
If you are not by chance one of the lucky ones who rent a chalet near a ski trail, you can now officially say: 

Hello, Low Season!

If resigning and waiting for summer is not an option for you, I have some good tips on how to attract guests in low season. Seize the opportunity and get more bookings by turning your summer shelter into a wintry feel-good place.

The Danes even have their own concept to describe those wintry feelings of being aware of good moments and embracing them to the fullest. They call this feeling of comfort, cosiness and state of pure contentment hygge. A term that is used when you enjoy a moment to the fullest and surrender to it – alone or with friends, at home or on the road, ordinary or extraordinary.

It’s never too late to bring a hint of cosiness and homeliness into your vacation rentals and initiate your guests into the art of Slow Living! Here are a few suggestions that hopefully will inspire your potential guests to book a cosy getaway in your holiday home – regardless of the season:

1. Embrace soft light – install christmas lights on the balcony and light candles 
2. Provide your guests with winter teas and spiced coffees
3. Offer heating or a cosy wood stove – it’s all about the warm elements
4. Place some cuddly blankets and pillows on the couch and on the bed
5. Make sure there is enough space in the living room – it’s all about being together
6. Supply your guests with books, magazines and board games for rainy days
7. Set the mood and leave a nice note at the check-in – your guests will love it
8. Rely on natural materials like wood and stone – we feel comfortable in nature

Let’s be clear. You can’t buy hygge. There is no recipe, no materialistic thing that automatically causes the feeling of togetherness and results in absolute contentedness. Nevertheless, you as a homeowner have the opportunity to bring aspects of this unique feeling into your vacation rental and provide your guests with a cosy environment.

Just by trying out 2 or 3 ideas of the list above, you could make a big impact on your guests’ reviews, on how they feel (in your home) and how much they want to come back.