Located in the tranquil Vorarlberg municipality of Lochau, near Bregenz, Klaus Herr’s vacation apartment “Bodenseestrand” (Lake Constance Beach) on the east bank offers guests from all over the world a perfect starting point for a vacation on Lake Constance.

Klaus Herr
Host Klaus Herr


In our interview with Klaus Herr, we find out why he became a host after decades in the real estate industry, as well as what he appreciates about working with Bookiply. 


Klaus Herr has been active in various roles in the real estate business for over 50 years and knows his way around the industry like no other. After real estate acquisition and management have always been passions of his, he has now, in his prime, decided to become a host and to hand over part of the responsibility to Bookiply with an easy conscience.

Relaxation with a postcard view

The bright and modern apartment invites guests to start the day with breakfast and the wonderful panoramic view on the terrace before taking a swim at the “Kaiserstrand” beach next to the yacht club. The location, close to the water and not very far from the train station, allows guests to arrive without a car and make the most of their vacation on Lake Constance.


Der Blick auf den Bodensee
Breakfast with a view


To ensure that everything goes smoothly and stress-free right from the beginning, Klaus Herr attaches great importance to the communication between him and his guests, starting already before their arrival. When possible, he wants to welcome his guests personally in order to get to know each other, show them everything that is important, answer their questions and also give them a few tips – this way both sides can relax, and the guests can look forward to their vacation. Even small gestures like having a coffee machine ready or a bottle of water upon arrival can go a long way.


“I want to give guests a good feeling and also provide a few tips on where they can go for some good food, for instance. They also have my number and can reach me any time if there are any questions. But if guests do not contact me, I also consider it a sign that everything is fine and they are happy.”


Wohnzimmer im "Bodenseestrand"
Bright colors and coziness in the living room


If the guests are contented, and perhaps also leave a positive review, Klaus Herr is also a happy host. Being able to receive guests from all over the world at Lake Constance and staying in touch with some even afterwards is of great value to him. 


“I am quite a communicative person, and I like to meet new people. If we gel, I would like to network with them, too. It is also exciting and enriching if you meet people a second time in your life. Opportunities like this come up every now and again and create memories.”


Fabulous location between Lake Constance and the Alps

The dreamlike location in the tri-state-area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland has lots to offer all year round. In spring and summer, guests can spend a relaxing vacation by the water and take in everything the lake and the region have to offer. In addition to sunbathing and refreshing dips in the lake, one can enjoy the down-to-earth, hearty and savory cuisine, while there are also a wide range of leisure activities on offer. 


Schlafzimmer im "Bodenseestrand"
Rest and relaxation start with sleep


Would you like to water-ski across the lake, rent a sailing boat or do a full-body workout through stand-up paddling? Look no further – you have come to the right place, just like the winter sports enthusiasts among you. From Lochau, the ski train takes you directly to the famous ski resort Sankt Anton am Arlberg in just under two hours, but the ski area “Hochlitten” ski area can also be reached by car within an hour.


“The ski train is promoted everywhere around here. It’s really ideal – you just get on here at seven or eight in the morning and you’re good to go. This way you get to the ski area by 10 a.m., right on the slope in Sankt Anton…that’s great, of course.” 


Lateral entry made easy 

Although Klaus Herr radiates the confidence of many years in the vacation, he actually only started his vacation rental business in 2022. Apart from booking accommodation for himself as a guest, Klaus Herr had had no previous experience with the vacation rental business. He took notice of Bookiply through the Internet and, despite his diverse expertise in the real estate sector, was convinced of the many advantages of working with a channel manager after a conversation with the respective area lead. Since then, he has handed off part of the responsibility to the team with an easy conscience. In addition to advantages such as a synchronized calendar for all portals, easy administration, support with price setting as well as the financial aspects, the location was also important. 


“Of course, it was also great that it is local and that there is an account manager on site and not in Munich or Hamburg – that also inspired me. Local presence is a benefit, and you can talk to each other in a completely different way. These were all selling points, which is why I ended up working with Bookiply.”


In addition to the above, the professional photos were a convincing argument.


“The photographer took great pictures, so I really need to pass a compliment. The pictures are superb. I have taken a few photos of the sunsets myself, but as good as this one…?, it is quite the difference between a professional and a hobby photographer. That also impressed me.”


After the simple onboarding, Klaus Herr was able to start his journey as a host with an almost fully booked summer calendar and, according to the reviews, also with very satisfied and happy guests. The clear and comprehensible app also makes it possible for him to manage his listing on the go and to look forward to new bookings. 


Der Essbereich mit Seeblick
Ample space to dine also in the interior


After his positive experiences, Klaus Herr would also recommend Bookiply to other hosts in the area without hesitation and could imagine adding more vacation rentals to his Bookiply portfolio.


“Describing Bookiply in three words, I would say: competent, reliable and customer-oriented.”


Klaus Herr’s tips for new hosts

Finally, he would like to let other hosts know what is important to him in order to be a good host.


“In my opinion, asking the guests questions and thereby creating trust is always very important. Just like in other areas, down-to-earthness and friendliness are also keys to success.”


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