Bernhard and Claudia Jerg’s vacation rentals make guests feel at home right away. In Schönwald in the Black Forest and Lindenberg in the Allgäu region, the couple rent out cozy apartments with an idyllic atmosphere and fantastic views. Although the two are new to the business, they already have their own little success story to share. In our conversation with Bernhard, we learn what the Jergs particularly value when renting out their vacation apartments in southern Germany and how Bookiply contributed to the newcomers’ successful first steps.

“As newbies in the industry, you no longer feel like a layman with Bookiply, you feel like a big player.”

Warmth, hospitality and love for detail: Bernhard and Claudia Jerg always make sure to convey a positive feeling to their guests.

The Main Theme of the Furnishings: Cozy is Key

A piece of hand-crafted wooden furniture in warm brown tones here, decorative macramé flower hanging baskets there – it’s loving details like these that make the two vacation apartments of owners Bernhard and Claudia Jerg stand out from the broad mass of vacation domiciles.

“We had been considering owning a vacation rental for a long time. On the one hand, as an additional retirement investment and, on the other hand, as a nice opportunity to spend time there ourselves. But first and foremost, owning a vacation rental for me means turning craftsmanship into value.”

Whether it’s installing electric blinds or upholstering the furniture, traces of Bernhard’s craftsmanship can be found in every room. Not only does this save money – after all, only the material costs have to be covered – but it also gives a very personal touch to the apartments. Usually, guests would only know this from their own homes.

“We want our guests to find everything they also have at home. They shouldn’t always need to lug everything with them. They should find things that make life more comfortable.”

The basic theme of the furnishings, in addition to absolute cleanliness, is a homey feeling of comfort and happiness, Bernhard tells us.

1000 Challenges – 1 Solution

In addition to DIY and renovation work, the two have also had to face less pleasant but equally sweaty tasks. One of the many hurdles was awaiting the Jergs right at the beginning.

“First and foremost, when we put the vacation rentals on the market, we worked with a local hospitality service. However, that quickly became complicated when their services proved not to be as professional as expected. There were a thousand challenges, but Bookiply took care of half of them for us.”

After a bumpy start, the two are now thrilled to be hosts as well as Bookiply customers. Particularly the detailed consultation phone calls with their personal account manager have paid off.

At first, Bernhard and Claudia were rather hesitant to allow their guests to bring pets to their freshly renovated and lovingly designed vacation rentals. After the sales and account managers, who are very familiar with the area, had recommended accepting pets, they finally decided to do so. And they shouldn’t regret it – dog owners were immediately drawn to them like, and bookings filled their calendars.

Against all fears, there were no negative experiences but many positive ones. The dog owners were happy to have finally found a nice, pet-friendly accommodation and were willing to spend extra money to show their gratitude. They were instantly willing to pay for a more thorough final cleaning in order to leave the apartment free of pet hair and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Sun terrace with panoramic view: Vacation Apartment ‘Lindenalpe’

Bernhard’s Bookiply Favorites

Professional Team

“What we like most is the friendly and professional attitude of the team and the fact that questions and customer concerns are dealt with and solved without delay. Nothing is forgotten and you always feel that there is no such thing as stupid questions.”


“For me, Bookiply means booking and managing in a fun way. There was also an aha moment when it came to dealing with invoices. Here we have everything under one roof: the entire processing, administration and accounting with invoices and payments.”


“You might think guests would be more likely to book vacation rentals like ours through regional portals. But we’ve found that a third of our guests actually come from the Netherlands. The reach that Bookiply provides is simply impressive.”

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Apartment Lindenalpe