Located in the quiet north of Constance and close to the city center, the Rhine and the lakeshore, Claudia Groezinger runs the cozy vacation apartment ‘Seeglück’ as well as a Tiny House in the garden. The modern and stylishly furnished accommodation offers guests a great stay with great hospitality.

During the conversation with Claudia, we find out what makes a vacation in Constance at her accommodation so special and how collaborating with Bookiply since 2020 has made being a host much easier.



Claudia is a trained preschool teacher and lives on the 2nd floor of her house in Constance’s Königsbau area, where she has been the host of a spacious vacation apartment on the 1st floor and a Tiny House in the garden since 2015.

After the previous tenants had moved out, she took a liking to the idea of turning the apartment into a vacation rental and drawing travelers from around the world to Lake Constance. Her aim is to pass on her love of Constance and the lake to her guests and offer more than just accommodation.


A Home Away From Home

Approximately 20 minutes on foot from the lakeshore, guests are not only invited to relax in the beautiful garden but also to spend their time exploring the picturesque old town, strolling along Lake Constance or taking a trip to neighboring Switzerland. 

However, those who book their stay with Claudia will be most impressed by her warmth and hospitality. Personal contact with her guests is her top priority, and so the days often start with having a coffee and breakfast together in the garden. Food connects people from across the globe, and therefore getting to know each other is even nicer over homemade cinnamon rolls. It is also not unusual for friends of guests’ staying in other accommodation to swing by and enjoy the atmosphere at Claudia’s.

Garden at Claudia's vacation apartment

How about a boat tour across Lake Constance after a hearty breakfast? Claudia offers her guests the whole works, and a boat trip is definitely part of it. Sailing across the Rhine to Reichenau Island and ending the day with a glass of wine at sunset will certainly stick in every guest’s memory and make some of them come back.

“I would say that my guests also receive great tips and advice. Not only for a trip to Mainau Island or the thermal baths in Constance but also some insider tips, since I also like to go and discover new places myself. If I like something, I also like to send my guests there.”

Boat tours on Lake Constance


No Problem Too Big

Despite all the great experiences and meeting new people, a vacation rental is also never without its challenges. For instance, there could be more guests knocking on the door than expected, but Claudia embraces any issues and searches for quick solutions

“The essentials are kindness, good communication with the guests, approaching them and making sure that they feel comfortable.”

Establishing a personal connection as well as good communication with guests is crucial in order for Claudia to deal with such surprises and respond to unforeseen situations. 

As Claudia would like to welcome even more guests at the big table in the garden in the future, she has plans to have more space at her vacation rental.

“It shouldn’t become too big, but I would like my house to be like a ‘Bed and Breakfast’  with about 8 to 10 rooms. Everything should still be manageable, so that it keeps its familiar touch. Finding such a house in the area would be a dream of mine.”

Claudia's vacation apartment in Constance


Continuing her Journey with Bookiply

Claudia’s adventure as a host began in 2015, with listings on well-known online portals. She enjoyed it from the beginning, but it also presented her with a few challenges.

“In the beginning, I did everything on my own. It wasn’t so professional then either. It all became more and more, and I also noticed that I enjoy it a lot. I want to offer guests more than just a breakfast basket and a boat tour. Sometimes I also show the guests around. These days, however, I have good people supporting me – whether it’s with cleaning or the check-in. On my own, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it anymore.”

During the spring of 2020, shortly after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Claudia came to Bookiply via the collaboration with regional provider ‘Bodensee.de’. Immediately, she enjoyed a successful summer with many bookings. Claudia thought of the collaboration as a promising new way to rent out her vacation rental with the help of a channel manager.

The apartment and the Tiny House are now listed simultaneously on a number of portals, along with synchronized booking calendars. Before Bookiply, double bookings would occur here and there, the calendar synchronization between all portals combined with Bookiply’s all-in-one solution for vacation rental management has solved this problem. 

Furthermore, the user-friendly app as well as the personal support provided by her account manager have left Claudia with a positive feeling.

“I see everything I need at a glance and can count on their support whenever there is an issue. That’s perfect for me. Since managing a vacation rental is very demanding and I don’t have a lot of time usually, I can call them at any time, and my account manager will help me right away — be it with problems or if I want to change the prices, for example.”

Given her positive experience, Claudia would also recommend Bookiply to other holiday homeowners in the area. Currently, with the support of the Bookiply Channel Manager, she is also managing three additional vacation rentals in Constance. 

“Now that I am also managing other people’s vacation rentals, it would cost me too much effort without Bookiply. This way I can suggest they sign up with Bookiply, and I can keep track of the calendar and have an overview of everything else.”


Claudia’s Tips for New Homeowners

Finally, Claudia would like to share some advice for new holiday homeowners.

“I think the secret lies in clearly identifying what guests want and what they value, as well as in the way you communicate and attend to them.”

If you would like a vacation to Lake Constance and experience the warmth of Claudia’s hospitality, you can book your stay in the apartment ‘Seeglück’, the Tiny House, or in both of them

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