The ability to adapt to new situations has never been so important. The Pandemic has made us re-emerge in a thousand ways. In the travel industry, it has brought new ways to travel and, above all, it has increased our desire to travel and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

How can you prepare for the new trends of 2022? Check out our selection of the most relevant trends for this year and make the most of them.

The prevalence of domestic travel

International travel is recovering, but the uncertainty around COVID means that local tourism will continue to dominate. Many guests will be traveling with the whole family, including pets, as well as reuniting with friends.

Tip: prepare your property to receive families or groups, not forgetting the furry family members. You can leave recommendations for pet-friendly places, activities to do as a group or with the whole family, etc.



Vacation vs. work

The flexibility to work from anywhere has a great following, but with this brings the need to enjoy a “real” vacation in order to disconnect. Thus, travelers are choosing longer stays to combine work and pleasure and are seeking to escape from their daily routine during their stay.

Tip: in addition to providing a workspace in your accommodation, add small details that will help your guests disconnect – recommendations on activities such as yoga or hiking, amenities focused on wellness (bath salts, anti-stress masks, a good tea selection…).




The world of tourism is going through a green wave, and eco-friendly measures are becoming more and more popular.

Tip: configure the sustainable services you offer to get your Eco Label and draw the attention of this type of tourist.