Josefa Rouco Guntín is a vacation rental owner in Alhaurín de la Torre in Málaga. Her holiday home, Villa La Gallega, is particularly popular with guests due to its large spacious rooms, spectacular garden and its views. From Josefas vacation rental, guests overlook the Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra de Mijas mountains and can also experience one of the most incredible sunsets.

After building this house to spend some time in once they were retired, Josefa and her husband decided to use this property to start a vacation rental business. As they didn’t stay in the house during the summer, they found this to be the logical solution. On top of this, Josefa loved the idea of hosting guests at her holiday home and has always enjoyed the notion of families spending an unforgettable holiday in her vacation rental. Josefa loves being a vacation rental owner and constantly looks forward to welcoming travelers from all over the world into her home.

To help manage her vacation rental business, Josefa tried working with different travel portals but she was never completely satisfied for different reasons. In 2019, Josefa joined Bookiply. Since then she has very much enjoyed working with Bookiply and especially the Bookiply team. For Josefa, personal contact is very important and that she had an individual contact person in Bookiply, whom she could call at any time, was a big advantage for her. This gave her peace of mind and the feeling that her vacation rental was in safe hands

“For me it is very important to have someone to talk to, especially because of my age. This is Bookiply’s advantage, the personal treatment. Carmen, my Account Manager, is fantastic. She always patiently explains to me what to do which reassures me. I can always call her when I have a problem and she fixes it straight away.”



Her Guests as Number One Priority

Not only do Josefa’s guests enjoy staying in her vacation rental because of its 180º views, but they also appreciate the measures she takes to make their stay as memorable as possible. For Josefa, focusing on her guests and making them a priority is of utmost importance and is the key to running a successful vacation rental business. Josefa tells us how communicating clearly and efficiently with her guests is the secret to providing a great service. 

“I always make sure that I am very attentive to my guests. For example, I call them many times during their stay in case they need something, but above all, I listen to them and what they have to say carefully so that if there is a mistake it doesn’t happen again.”

Just as Josefa appreciates the personal contact she has with the Bookiply team, she also acknowledges the significance of having regular contact with her guests. For this reason, she reaches out to her guests before, during and after their stay. This helps make everything run smoothly and ensures that guests have everything they need. 

“I always call guests the day before they arrive in case they need something special. When the guests are settled in, I call them again after two or three days to see if everything is ok, if they are happy or if they need anything. When they leave I wish them a safe trip back and wait for their feedback.”

While talking with her guests, Josefa makes sure to ask for feedback and suggestions so that she can look for ways to improve her vacation rental business. This way she can ensure that she meets guests expectations and that she is constantly improving their experience. As a vacation rental owner, knowing that her guests have an enjoyable stay in her vacation rental is vital to Josefa.

“We are aware that people take one or two weeks of vacation and want everything to be perfect during that time, so I want to make sure they are happy during their stay. When the customer is happy then so are we!” 



Josefa’s Tips for New Homeowners

As a vacation rental owner who welcomes returning guests year on year, Josefa lets us in on her secrets to successfully running her vacation rental business and gives us tips for new homeowners.

“I would tell other vacation rental owners to have a lot of patience and to remain calm in difficult situations. Be attentive to your guests too. Once a booking comes in, be sure to notify your cleaners, gardener or any other services provider to make arrangements with them.” 

“Ensure that your guests have everything they need. For example, if we know that children are coming, we provide them with a baby cot and more pillows. If families come, we always leave bread, milk and some juice. We also always leave guests a fruit basket and a bottle of wine.” 

Josefa also recommends working with a channel manager like Bookiply where you will have one centralized calendar. Having all her bookings in one place has given Josefa a lot of peace of mind and is definitely one of the top reasons why she enjoys working with Bookiply.

“Since I have started working with Bookiply, I have really benefited from having a single, synchronized calendar. It is reassuring to know that all my calendars are updated and that there will be no overlapping bookings. This was a major highlight for me and really helped advance my vacation rental business. I am delighted with this.”


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