After a challenging year for the travel industry, it is more important than ever to prepare your vacation rental business for next year’s season. As many travelers are already searching online for their 2021 getaways, now is the time to improve the quality of your listing. By optimizing your online presence, your property will be visible to travelers who are rescheduling canceled holidays for next year or who are moving current reservations to 2021. In the following video, we compare the number of bookings from early this year with the high number of bookings planned for the start of 2021.

Don’t wait any longer and set your prices now! Make sure your competitors aren’t the only ones enjoying these early bookings!

Ensure you have availability in your calendar

It is highly important to update your calendar regularly and set prices for new seasons. Not only does this increase the visibility of your vacation rental, but it also gives you an advantage over other properties that do not yet have their rates set. By configuring prices, your property will appear in all searches, and in case of new travel restrictions, we can also reschedule bookings for next year, avoiding cancelations.

Increase your number of channels

Everyone has their own preferences when planning a trip, and the popularity of the different channels varies from country to country. To increase your chances of receiving bookings, you should not only rely on one channel but instead, advertise your vacation rental on multiple platforms. Benefit from a personal website for your vacation rental that is offered to you by Bookiply. Having your own website boosts the performance of your vacation rental and helps increase your bookings by offering your guests the best price – all while you earn more from each booking.

Offer discounts

We recommend offering discounts to fill in gaps in your calendar or to fill up reservations for the next season.

There are many advantages to offering discounts:

  1. Your ad is of higher quality and this affects its positioning
  2. You ensure that the price of your property is attractive in case of early or last minute searches
  3. You increase your number of reservations

Bookiply data: Having a discount activated increases your chances of receiving a booking by 20%. If both discounts are activated, this increases by 44%.

So, go ahead and optimize your listing and secure yourself some early bookings!