After informing himself independently about vacation rental management, Nunzio joined Bookiply in the late summer of 2019. Immediately after Bookiply published his property online, travellers were booking his vacation rental in Villasimius – so much so, that there were hardly any days left unbooked. In August he had only 2 days free, in September only 5 and October was fully booked until the 23rd. Today, his Sardinian vacation home continues to boast consistent bookings and very happy guests. Bookiply spoke to Nunzio about his strengths as a vacation rental owner and why he chose to work with us.

Even though he joined near the end of the high season, Nunzio booked 81 nights across 12 bookings in the first 3 months of working with Bookiply – that means only a few days were left unoccupied!

“When I met you guys, the summer was practically over, meaning I expected to have maybe one or two more guests. Instead, thanks to you, my calendar was practically full starting from when my house went online until November. For me it was really an unexpected result and it means that Bookiply is working really well.”

Strength Focus on the Guest

“With Bookiply I’ve learned that it’s better to delegate some activities so that I can focus on my customers. Everything else is bureaucracy. I prefer to give local tips and show hospitality, because this time is seen, felt and valued by the guest.”

Nunzio understands that all processes concerning listing, payments and booking are taken for granted by guests – they expect it will be a smooth process! This is why dedicating your time to focus on them and their needs contributes more greatly to their overall satisfaction. In Nunzio’s case, whether it is remodeling, investing in technologies or providing on-the-ground support, he has always put in the extra mile to ensure his guests have the best experience possible.

When renovating his home, for instance, Nunzio turned to an architect to get the perfectly modern and yet family-friendly design. He and his wife invested in bunk beds, toys as well as protective gates and rails for small children. Knowing that tech features are also very important to guests, Nunzio installed high speed Wi-Fi, a remote-controlled air conditioner and Chromecast, the latter of which proves to be especially popular among his international travellers. Even the small touches in his rental are done with utmost care – guests are greeted with regional specialities like a bottle of Cannonau and Carasau bread as well as fresh water and milk in the fridge.

But it is not just amenities and remodeling that reflect how Nunzio is continuously thinking about his guests’ experiences. Even in the face of obstacles, Nunzio helps them on the ground with tips and support. When one guest had a fever during the season when most doctors’ offices are closed, Nunzio made many urgent phone calls across the region to find an English-speaking doctor with availability.

Nunzio’s extraordinary hospitality was demonstrated once again when an English couple asked where they could have a truly authentic Sardinian meal. Nunzio, as someone who originally comes from a different region, reached out to someone who would know: the bricklayer who remodeled his home and who was born and raised in Villasimius. The bricklayer’s recommendation was “Sa Bingia”, meaning “the vineyard” in Sardinian, on the outskirts of town. Being truly a place for locals, however, Nunzio’s English guests could not even manage to make a reservation on their own, much less know how or what to order. Nunzio therefore called the restaurant, explained that an English couple was coming, and coordinated a menu just for them. The result was a truly excellent Sardinian meal, without the stress and confusion of language barriers, and very happy guests.

Making Time to Support Guests

“Before I entrusted myself to Bookiply, I didn’t know some of the processes involved in managing a vacation rental. I saw that those parts create their own volume – they consume a lot of time and effort. People sometimes ask me how much Bookiply costs and I say, “how much does it cost me to have my rental home left empty, unbooked”? My wife and I want to guarantee a level of service that we cannot achieve on our own.”

Paying close attention to his guests results in high reviews, but it also requires Nunzio’s time. As a man with a full-time job, Nunzio had to be practical about how to best spend his time optimising and enjoying his rental business. He correctly observed that his hours are much better spent personally reaching out to guests with a suggestion for a restaurant as opposed to arranging his calendars or managing invoices in the background. This is where Bookiply came in.

“It’s not that Bookiply just published my home with professional photos and texts – their work continues. The team recommends the best prices each season, takes care of guest communication before and after the stays and makes sure that my property receives as many bookings as possible. Their job is comprehensive and time-consuming.“

Nunzio’s efforts go a long way because guest reviews are a decisive factor for travellers – they build a sense of trust and confidence during the booking process. Potential guests can see in reviews, for instance, that Nunzio’s home is perfectly equipped with child-friendly interiors as well as reliable Wi-Fi and Chromecast. Nunzio’s guests have naturally also commented on his hospitality – on leaving a bottle of local wine on the table, finding the English-speaking doctor and arranging the dinner reservation. Other travellers see this and trust that they will be in good hands during their Sardinian vacation. The reviews, in other words, attract quality guests looking for a quality holiday.

Nunzio’s Bookiply Favorites

Personal Contact

“My personal account manager optimises my listing and gives me valuable advice. And in case of any problems, I always have a direct line to someone, like when some guests once booked for 4 people, but came with 5. I didn’t even have to talk to the guests about this – Bookiply took care of it.”

Ranking on Distribution Channels

“Due to Bookiply’s great relationship with booking portals, our home is pushed up in the search results, meaning more travellers see our property.”

Bookiply Team

“You guys are smart and you’re friendly. And while being nice might not be a qualifying thing on a resume, you are also efficient, have great ideas and get stuff done.”

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