With an apartment in the heart of the historic village Vejer de la Frontera, Carlos S. and his wife Irene F. originally bought their property for their own weekend getaways. After 2 years of either occupying or renting out the apartment themselves, the couple turned to Bookiply in April 2018 to ease the difficulty of managing the rental. 

While using Bookiply over the past 18 months, Carlos has enjoyed 59 bookings for a total of 148 nights and high customer reviews on his portals.

Bookiply sat down with Carlos to discover his insights into optimizing his vacation rental business.

Interior as Strength

“You can forget about that relaxed, holiday feeling if furnishings are wearing down and the interior is beginning to look aged. Our guests, just like us, want to feel good when they are here.”

Carlos and Irene pay special attention to the apartment’s decoration and the maintenance of its furnishings. And guests notice – they consistently comment both in person and in their glowing reviews on the beautiful interior space, which the owners keep in good condition.

Keeping in mind that Vejer de la Frontera’s historic charm stems in part from Moorish architecture, Carlos and Irene created a locally-inspired ambience on the inside of their rental. With decorative pillows, charming ceiling lanterns and intricate carvings, guests are immersed in this cosy and unique atmosphere.

To maintain this positive interior feeling, Carlos implemented a yearly routine of checking up on his vacation rental furniture and, if needed, replacing them. He began to invest in higher quality products, as he observed that they lasted much longer than the cheaper furnishings, which quickly began to show wear and tear.

“We invested in new mattresses, high quality mattresses, as well as a new television and cupboards. Guests feel this difference and appreciate it.”

Relevance in Industry

According to Bookiply’s data, worn and outdated furniture ranks in the top 3 customer complaints. These low customer reviews have a highly negative impact on bookings.

Interior design expert Irene Farina has also shared with Bookiply that beautiful, quality interiors will attract precisely the guests who will respect and love your home. One of the biggest mistakes vacation rental owners make is to place old or worn-out furniture in their rentals, assuming their guests will damage it.

Bookiply Favorites


“Bookiply’s iCal made managing my bookings a lot easier. It synchronizes them across multiple portals to avoid overbookings.”


“Before I had to collect all of my invoices from different bookings – with Bookiply, all of my bookings from various portals are all stored in one, central place.”


“I knew the impact of Bookiply’s professional photos the moment I myself first saw them. I was immediately impressed with how good my property looked!”

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