The vacation rental industry is growing exponentially. No wonder that the demands of travellers are constantly growing as well. They tend to expect both the personal, cosy feeling of a home as well as the conveniences of a hotel from their vacation rental. With small, easy adjustments you can quickly achieve this harmony.

This list will guide you through simple changes that you can get done in a few hours on a free afternoon. Although these are far from requiring any costly, complex renovation, you will see that they will have a significant impact on your guests’ contentment during their stay and, ultimately, their reviews.

The Essentials

More and more vacation rental guests are expecting what we term “essential amenities,” which are products that they believe should already be in the accommodation when they arrive. That is why Airbnb strongly recommends to provide guests with the following basic items:

– Toilet paper
– Soap (for hands and body)
– One towel per guest
– One pillow per guest
– Linens for each guest bed

The Kitchen Basics

Many guests, especially from Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands, are disappointed when there is a lack of basic utensils in the kitchen. Make sure that your cutlery, pots and pans are complete and in good condition. Also be sure to equip your kitchen with the most important spices and condiments. Your guests will appreciate it very much if you get these little things in advance!

– Dishwashing liquid
– Salt
– Pepper
– Oil
– Vinegar


Wi-Fi is an especially important amenity to many groups: to travellers who cannot completely disconnect from work, to millennials, as well as to international guests who seek a free, stable connection abroad. Whether it’s to keep in touch with family and friends at home or to share the best holiday snapshots on social media, most travellers can’t imagine their accommodation without Wi-Fi.

According to, global travellers rank the importance of Wi-Fi above nearly all other amenities, competing only with air-conditioning and pools. So get it now and even consider investing in a portable Wi-Fi device. Your guests will enjoy the flexibility it affords them!

Small Touches

Whether it is fragrant flowers on the table, fresh coffee for the machine or delicious fruits in a decorative bowl, final touches to your property are the best way to make a big first impression! A personal touch, chosen by you, lends not just a welcoming atmosphere to your home, but also an air of luxury.

Don’t hesitate to invest such a minimal amount of effort to achieve big results! These changes can be done in a few hours and result in a significant impact on guests’ reviews and their likelihood to recommend your property.