In the constantly growing travel industry, there is one customer group that is proving to be particularly lucrative: families. For most homeowners, families are pleasant guests. One reason is that families, especially those with babies and toddlers, tend to travel outside the most popular  holiday weekends and seasons. While this means less expenses for families, it also means more bookings in low season for the homeowners – a win-win situation!

According to a study by FeWo-direkt on family holidays, 98% of respondents agree: the clear favourite for family holidays are vacation rentals.

For parents, the first priority during their holidays is to spend time with their children and to catch up on quality time together. And the best way to do this is, of course, in an accommodation that can live up to both small and large guests. Vacation rentals not only allow guests a high level of flexibility in their daytime routine – they also act as a temporary home away from home.

But where there is a large market, there is also great competition. On many popular portals, every homeowner can configure the amenity “child-friendly”, without certain conditions being attached to it. In order to stand out from the crowd with one’s own offer, homeowners can take initiative and invest in a couple of family-friendly amenities.

Here we have summarised the most important aspects for you so that you can win over the highly competitive market:


From the private pool to the socket – the small dangers of everyday life lurk everywhere. No parent will be able to relax and enjoy their sacred holiday season unless their child is safe. The 2019 HomeAway Report predicts that the security demands of travellers will even continue to increase. It is therefore important to eliminate all potential hazards that could get in the way of a relaxed and safe holiday experience.

Safety Tips

– Balcony doors and gates to the street
– Secured sockets
– Pool with cover and fence with lockable gate
– Cleaning detergents or chemicals out of reach
– Shelves and cupboards fixed to the wall
– Child locks on drawers and stairs
– Stairs or a ladder for the pool
– Baby monitor
– Removable guard or rails for children’s beds

To minimize the risk of fire in your accommodation, please try to observe the following safety precautions.

Fire Protection

– Smoke detectors
– Fire extinguishers
– Safe distances between furniture and wood-burning stoves, fireplaces and barbecues
– Operating instructions for technical devices


The importance of amenities relevant for children should not be underestimated. If you want to make your holiday accommodation attractive for families, it will require far more than offering the obligatory high chair and baby cot. Children want to have fun and entertainment in everyday life and parents are happy when they can integrate this part of their daily routine into their holidays. So let’s make this happen!

We have compiled the following suggestions for you from our experts and our everyday insight into the travel industry:


– Age-appropriate toys, books and board games
– Friendly, colourful furnishing in the bedrooms 
– Baby cots (also foldable) and beds for children
– At least 1 bedroom that is designed to fit a baby cot
– Extra bed linens
– Nightlights
– Blinds to darken the windows
– Very well-equipped / fully-equipped kitchen
– High chair (foldable)
– Step stool for sinks
– Changing table and diaper pail
– Bathtubs for small children


– Children’s pool
– Toys for the garden
– Toys for the beach
– Sun protection in the garden (sun shades, umbrellas or an awning)

Extra Tip: Keep helpful, family-related information in a welcome book so that your guests feel right at home. Whether it’s family-friendly restaurants, the location of the nearest pharmacy or a list of various leisure activities – your insider tips will ensure it will never get boring!

Additional Local Tips to Include

– Pharmacies, emergency numbers and clinics nearby
– Restaurants in the surrounding area (maybe with children’s menu)
– Family-friendly, sandy beaches and the roads to access them
– Activities for rainy days
– Playgrounds nearby
– Amusement parks, water parks
– Zoos, farms and horse riding
– Childcare services: contact details for babysitters

With small investments, you can transform your guests’ family vacation into something very special. The last and easiest tip: be a great contact person and take your time to be there for the family. If you are supporting the family with advice and support, they will surely come back and warmly recommend your accommodation to their friends!